Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses Taught as Course Instructor
PSY396: Neurochemical Basis of Behaviour (University of Toronto, 2012)
PSY202: Statistics II: Advanced statistics and research design (University of Toronto; 2006-2008, 3 sections)
PSY425: Self‐Consciousness (University of Toronto; 2008)

Guest Lectures
Affective Neuroscience Primer: Psychiatry Resident Neuroscience Bootcamp (University of Toronto; 2009-2012)
PSY341: Psychopathologies of Childhood (University of Toronto; 2009-2010)
PSY333: Health Psychology (University of Toronto; 2010)
PSY493: Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Toronto, 2012)

Graduate Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant
PSY2001: Design of Experiments I: Univariate Statistics (University of Toronto; 2006-2008; 3 sections)

Undergraduate Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant
PSY100: Introductory Psychology (University of Toronto; 2004, 2010)
PSY341: Childhood Psychopathology (University of Toronto; 2009)
PSY370: Thinking and Reasoning (University of Toronto; 2007)
PSY335: Environmental Psychology (University of Toronto; 2007)
PSY325: Self‐Consciousness (University of Toronto; 2005, 2007)
PSY328: Psychology and the Law (University of Toronto, 2006)
PSY324: Interpersonal Relationships (University of Toronto, 2006)
PSY201: Statistics I: Introductory Statistics (University of Toronto, 2005)
PSY230: Personality and Transformation (University of Toronto, 2005)
PSY333: Health Psychology (University of Toronto, 2005)
PSY280: Perception (University of Toronto, 2005)
PSY504: Social Psychology: An Intro Course (Ryerson University, 2004)